Nutrition Assessment

Trying to conceive or already pregnant? Do you know if you're diet is up-to-scratch?

A Nutrition Assessment is the best way to make sure your diet is optimal for falling pregnant and growing a beautiful healthy baby.

What does it involve?

> A complete nutrition assessment where I review and analyse your macro and micronutrient intake

> A full report on each nutrient showing any deficits or toxicities

> Our consultation will cover personalised recommendations on improving your diet to boost fertility, or optimise your baby's health during pregnancy

> Personalised supplement recommendations (if required)

> Answers to any and all questions you may have

(Once you book, you'll receive an email with an Initial Intake Form and a 7 Day Food Diary for you to complete. Once you've received this email, I will ask you to reply with some date and time options for our phone or video consultation.)

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